Who We Are

Our Story

Goldenstar was founded by the 4th generation of an insurance family. Equipped with decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, they, along with other brokers of the specialty market, found that the ambiguous service, corporate greed, and lackluster products available through carriers no longer met the needs of their clients.

In an effort to create better service and improve the industry as a whole, they created their own insurance company through a captive arrangement, freeing themselves from the restraints of carriers to provide their clients with the right solutions.

Seeing first-hand the benefits a captive insurance company provides, they decided to make it their mission to empower other brokers and insureds in similar positions by presenting an alternative solution via personalized service and bespoke coverage, no matter how “different” or “difficult” the coverage may be.

Goldenstar Specialty

is a new insurance company  born from the shortcomings of the current carrier marketplace. Brokers within our network grew tired of dealing with red tape, bureaucracy and bland coverage; they found it too difficult to satisfy their clients’ needs. Because of this, we formed a new insurance company through a captive formation.

Why Work With Us

We collaborate with brokers who are experts in their niches to create products that meet the demands of their clients. In doing so, we supply their insureds with coverage that will allow them the peace of mind to focus on what is most important to them, and we provide our brokers with the freedom and tools necessary to succeed.

Our Goals

Create a modern insurance company for modern times and modern needs.

Develop a unique user experience that allows our brokers to underwrite and service their clients without the barriers of corporate underwriters. Always exhibit honesty and transparency to our brokers and insureds. Construct an insurance ecosystem built by the very people we partner with.

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